Belinda King Creative Productions are incredibly excited to share the launch of our brand new project — THE KINGS — showcasing the best in modern Pop, Rock and Musical Theatre.

Our four-part teams will feature in two brand new mainstage productions — enhanced by bespoke LED screen backdrops and modern styling.

The project will launch aboard the Seabourn Encore in February 2022 — during our ‘Voyage With Sir Tim Rice’ cruise.

Candidates must possess:

• Excellent vocal ability — able to harmonise in a group of four; as well as the ability to deliver solo performances for select scenes.

• A commanding stage presence, with the ability to engage with international audiences.

Auditions · London

November 25th + 26th 2021
Recall Vocal Harmony Workshop: November 26th 13:00 to 17:00
Auditions will be by invited appointment + audition material will be issued in advance.

Auditions · Online

To complete an online submission, please:
1. Download our audition materiaL.
2. Learn the material and record a self-tape.
3. Upload the self-tapes to YouTube or Vimeo. Recordings must be unedited and without enhancements.
4. Send the Vimeo/YouTube links with any other relevant performance links to